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A large proportion of taxpayers in Germany, both expats and German citizens, choose to submit an annual income tax return (Einkommensteuererklärung) to the Federal Central Tax Office. By submitting a tax declaration, you check that you have paid the correct amount of tax for the previous financial year. On average, nine out of 10 people who submit a tax return receive a refund. Check my services to find your support.

Is it compulsory to file a tax declaration?

If you are an employee in Germany and don’t earn an income from anywhere else, then you are not obliged to make a tax declaration. If you are self-employed or have other undeclared earnings, then you will have to declare your income to the tax authorities by submitting an annual tax declaration.

Extra income can take many forms, such as capital gains, income from a rental property, or maybe you work freelance to earn a little extra on the side. In these cases, you are most likely going to have to declare your income to the tax authorities, but there are exceptions. If your second income is tiny, then speak to the tax authorities first.


Self-employed individuals will definitely need to submit a tax declaration because the income does not have tax deducted at source, unlike employees.

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