Tax consulting is a matter of trust.

Our slogan: Use your time and strengths for your business, because for tax matters you rely on our strengths.

With the right consulting office you will gain an advantage and save money. We are happy to advise you on all aspects of taxes and help you make important decisions. As tax consultants in Düsseldorf, taxes have been our passion since 2015. We offer you services tailored to your needs.

Professionally and reliably, we support you in all your matters. You are an employee? You want to start a business? We advise you individually and offer solutions for tax and fiscal issues. We take care of your ongoing bookkeeping, payroll accounting and the preparation of your annual financial statements, as well as when setting up your company, because good advice is not expensive!

Are you a company looking for competent tax advice?

With us, you get more than just accounting records:

Excellent advice and transparent prices.

Reliable. Flexible. Client-oriented.


Individual consulting from the start-up and launch of self-employment, the opening of a business to business succession.

Tax declaration

Your taxes are my job. Besides the classical tax consulting I always try to find the best solution for you.

Tax office

Correspondence and administration – Use the time for your success.


I want you as a client to feel comfortable with me. I am convinced that personal contact is essential for this. Each client receives individual attention from me, so that the particularities, expectations and necessities of each mandate are in one hand in the long term. The communication channels are short and efficient.


I’m committed to digitized processing and collaboration with you. Take advantage of digitization and take your communication to a new level. Together, we will develop the optimal communication channels.

As a DATEV member, all digital benefits are exploited.


Flexible scheduling – appointments available by arrangement in the evenings or on weekends

Saving you time – our advice and support relieves you of time-consuming bookkeeping

More peace of mind – our personalized advice provides you with tax peace of mind


Tax expertise digitally and on site in Düsseldorf.

Nadja Iwanow
Nadja Iwanow
25. Januar, 2023.
Wir haben uns bei Herrn Horak eine Zweitmeinung eingeholt, die uns sehr geholfen hat. Durch diese positive Erfahrung sind wir im November 22 von unserem alten Steuerbüro zu ihm gewechselt. Sind sehr zufrieden. Kommunikation per E-Mail immer transparent, schnell und freundlich.
jemish kasodaria
jemish kasodaria
24. November, 2022.
Super tax advice, very competent, we can only recommend. Whoever you call gets a targeted answer very quickly. I am glad that I have Mr. Horak as a tax advisor. Super Steuerberatung, sehr kompetent, können wir nur weiterempfehlen. Wen auch immer Sie anrufen, er bekommt sehr schnell eine zielgerichtete Antwort. Ich bin froh, dass ich Herrn Horak als Steuerberater habe.
Gheorghe Sili
Gheorghe Sili
5. November, 2022.
Es ist eine große Hilfe, mit diesem freundlichen und klar kundenorientierten Team arbeiten zu dürfen! Schnelle Terminvergabe, umfangreiche & kompetente Beratung. Mein Anliegen wurde zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit bearbeitet. Sehr engagiert und immer ansprechbar. Uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen!
Mohamed Nabarawy
Mohamed Nabarawy
3. Juni, 2022.
I can only highly recommend Sebastian for his work. Fast, responsive and caring. My wife and I had many complicated changes of statuses (student/intern/full-time/home office) and separated accommodations and he took the time and effort to break it down to the authorities. He did our taxes in retrospect and prioritized a year that had the deadline in a matter of days. We are very delighted with his outstanding performance and will be recommending him to friends/colleagues.
Radimir Bobev
Radimir Bobev
17. März, 2022.
Simply amazing. Goes the extra mile to understand your specific situation, excellent communication and fast service.
J “ja” A
J “ja” A
12. März, 2022.
Absolut freundliche, wertschätzende und überaus hilfsbereite telefonische Erstberatung. Als Steuer-Laie bot mir das Gespräch mit Herrn H. v. B. eine umfassende Wegweisung samt konkreten Handlungsempfehlungen. Meinen herzlichsten Dank!
Ammar Amazrar
Ammar Amazrar
30. Januar, 2022.
I’ve been working with Mr. Horak von Bothmer for the past year and have only good things to say about him. He’s very responsive, professional and is always willing to answer my many questions (even though I usually ask them just before an important tax deadline). All in all, dealing with ‘boring’ and ‘confusing’ tax regulations and laws, especially in Germany, can be a daunting task. But if you work with Mr. Horak von Bothmer, he can make the process much easier and make sure all the paper work is done correctly. Thank you for the support!
frank Janetschek
frank Janetschek
9. Dezember, 2021.
Es hat alles sehr gut geklappt..
Werner Schellscheidt
Werner Schellscheidt
30. Oktober, 2021.
Herr Horak von Bothmer ist nicht nur Steuerberater, seine Beratung geht viel weiter und hilft mir als Freiberufler mich auf meine Arbeit zu konzentrieren. Immer Ansprechbar und bereit Lösungen maßgeschneidert zu erarbeiten. Vielen Dank für die fachkundige, bewegliche und vertrauenswürdige Unterstützung.